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We are excited to see you in-person for #UnionConf2023 from 15-18 November in Paris, France.

Learn, network and join the largest gathering of lung health experts in the world (in TB, COVID-19, asthma, COPD, tobacco control – you name it!).

Scholarships: Although we are unable to offer scholarships given our financial constraints, we are continuing to explore external funding opportunities. If we are successful, details will be posted here. Read our Scholarship Policy.

Member from low-and-lower-middle income country

Member from high income country

Student Member (in training and under 35)
For organisational member enquiries or to check if you qualify for a free student membership, get in touch on

For TB Survivors/ Affected Community: In an effort to promote inclusion of TB survivors, sponsored registrations will be provided to the affected community. Apply separately here.





Final Chance: Sponsored Registration for Civil Society Open Until 6 November 2022 (23:59 CEST)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Non Union Members
BOOKING PERIOD Late Booking Standard Booking Early Booking
DATE RANGE After 15 October 1 August to 14 October 30 March to 31 July
High-income countries 1150 850 750
Upper-middle-income countries 850 650 550
Lower-middle-income and Low Income  countries 550 425 350
Students and Nurses (ALL AREAS) 300 200 200
Post-graduate course 180 150 150
Union Members
BOOKING PERIOD Late Booking Standard Booking Early Booking
DATE RANGE After 15 October 1 August to 14 October 30 March to 31 July
High-income countries 1040 740 640
Upper-middle-income countries 740 540 440
Lower-middle-income and Low Income  countries 440 340 240
Students and Nurses (ALL AREAS) 300 200 200
Post-graduate course 180 150 150

Reduced fees are available for students or nurses as well as low- and lower-middle income country residents.  

Students currently enrolled in a university programme are eligible for these fees. Please note: Documented proof of enrolment needs to be uploaded during registration.   

Delegates registered in this category will need to upload documented proof of being registered as a nurse during registration.  

Low- and lower-middle income country residents:   
Participants residing in countries classified by the World Bank as low- or lower-middle income economies may attend the WCLH 2023 at a reduced rate.   

Union Members:   
Current Union members and people who became members before registration are subject to a preferential fee.    

To apply become a member of The Union, please submit a Union Membership Request.

To find out more information about becoming a member of The Union please contact us at  


1 Year 

Member from low-and-lower-middle income country 

25 € 

Member from high income country 

150 € 

Student Member (in training and under 35) 

25 € 

For organizational member enquiries or to check if you qualify for a free student membership, get in touch on 

Early booking fee – 30 March to 31 July 

Standard booking fee – 1 August to 14 October 

Late booking fee – after 15 October 

All registration fees include full pass admission to the WCLH 2023 opening and closing ceremonies, scientific sessions, poster exhibition, commercial exhibition, Community Connect and Youth4LungHealth which will be held at Palais des Congrès de Paris during the Conference days from 15-18 November 2023

The registration fee will also cover admissions to pre-conference workshops that will be held on 14 November 2023 at Palais des Congrès de Paris. The registration for workshops will open at a later stage and you can register by entering your registration user account at the Union registration platform.  

Admissions to Post-graduate Courses will be available for booking with additional cost at a later stage. Post-graduate Courses registration fees are included in the pricing list.  

Fees are displayed in Euros.

  • Individual registration
    • After payment is executed, no further edits will be allowed. 
    • Fees applicable (early, standard or late) will correspond to the payment date and confirmation.    
  • Group registration
    • Group registration is intended for 2 participants or more.  
    • To register groups, you will require a group coordinator.  
    • Coordinator will not be considered as participant, unless a full profile is entered.   
    • Duplicated participant emails will not be accepted.  
    • When the last participant is saved and payment is executed, no further edits will be allowed.   
    • Fees applicable will correspond to the payment date and confirmation.   
    • Groups of 10 and more paid members will obtain a 10% discount reflected at payment checkout.  

Registration confirmation along with the payment receipt will be sent by email to delegates upon completion of their registration and once the full payment has been received.   

For group registrations, confirmation of payment will be sent to the group coordinator once the full payment has been received. 

If participants/group coordinators require a specific billing address on the invoice, we kindly request you to add it during the registration process. Once issued, and following legal regulations, it is no longer possible to modify the invoice. Therefore, participants/group coordinators are requested to make sure the correct billing address is entered while registering.  

The registration fees can be paid by one of the following methods: 

Card payment  
All payments for individual and group registrations can be settled by card (AMEX, Visa or MasterCard).  

Bank transfer payment  
Payments through bank transfer will ONLY be accepted until 27 October 2023. Bank transfer charges are the responsibility of the participant. Bank details can be found below as well as on the registration summary received by email once your registration is submitted and saved. 

The UNION Bank details: 
Account Holder: UICTMR (The Union) 
Bank name: BNP PARIBAS 
Bank Address: 83, Boulevard de Sébastopol, 75002 Paris, France 
Bank Code: 30004 
Code Branch: 00969 
Account n°: 00010070621 
Banking identification: 20 
IBAN: FR76 3000 4009 6900 0100 7062 120  
Swift code: BNPAFRPPPAA 

Currency: EUR 

If you choose bank transfer payment, please make sure your bank transfer slip contains the registration number, the name of the participant or group coordinator, the bank transfer reference which should be “WCLH 2023 registration fee” and the bank transfer reference number. By providing these details, you help us identify and validate your registration fee payment easily. 

Once the bank transfer is made, please return to your registration profile to upload a transfer receipt (a screenshot or scanned copy) by clicking “Upload proof of payment”. Please notify The Union Registration Team that your bank transfer confirmation is uploaded to your profile by sending an email to:  

Cancellations received before 9 October: Full refund minus 25 percent for handling fees. 

No refund on cancellations from 10 October, even if due to visa rejection, illness or any other reason. 

Cancellation and refund requests must be submitted to:  


Refunds will be paid after the Conference ONLY. 

It is possible to transfer the existing registration to another person if you can no longer attend the Conference. Delegates may transfer registration for an €85 fee upon request. 

Name changes can be made until 31 October. Name changes onsite will be considered as a new registration. If you need to transfer a registration, please contact:                 

After three years of virtual conferences, we are excited to announce that The Union World Conference on Lung Health 2023 will be held in person in Paris from 15-18 November.

During the period of the virtual conferences (2020 to 2022) we were able to make the Conference accessible to affected TB communities by offering free online registration and participation. We had hoped to be able to offer something similar for the WCLH 2023 and extend this to some speakers, as we did prior to 2020. However, this requires funding from sponsors.

At the present time, we have secured funding to cover the cost of some speakers in the “TBScience” stream, but we have not yet been successful in securing funding for full scholarships (registration, travel and accommodation) for any delegates or speakers for the main Conference. We are still working on this.

As much as we would like to offer scholarships to deserving candidates to attend the Conference, the current situation has made it impossible for us to do so. We understand the disappointment and frustration this may cause for many of you who were counting on our support, especially from low- and middle-income countries. We encourage you to explore other opportunities for financial aid.

We understand the impact that scholarships have on your professional growth, and we will remain committed to exploring alternative options to support you during these difficult times.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope to be able to offer scholarships for the WCLH in the future. 

If you are representing a media outlet, you can apply for a sponsored full pass ticket which will grant you access to the venue during the Conference days. To be eligible please upload ONE document, containing 3 recent samples of work in your registration user profile. You will receive a confirmation letter stating if your application is accepted or refused.

For French visa information please visit France-visas 

You may need a business Schengen travel visa if you are a citizen of a non-EU country. A Schengen visa is a short-stay visa that allows a delegate to travel to any country members of the Schengen Area.  

All the delegates who need to apply for a visa will be provided with a visa support invitation letter from our Registration Team upon request.

The visa support letter does not guarantee an entry visa to France or Schengen zone and does not financially oblige the WCLH in any way.  

Delegate registration details may be shared with the immigration authorities to assist in the visa application process. However, The Union will not contact embassies and consulates on behalf of delegates.  

If you need a visa letter, you must follow the next steps: 

  • Register for the WCLH 2023
  • Pay the registration fee in full 
  • Get your registration and payment confirmation letter sent to your registration account/email  

In case the visa cannot be issued, the registration fee minus a handling fee (25%) will be refunded after the Conference ONLY. This will apply if the visa was requested on time and proof is provided that the visa could not be issued. Refund requests along with the requested proof of visa denial must be sent to, no later than 10 October 2023. Refund requests received after that date cannot be accepted.  

Important information 

All orders regardless of their origin are only payable in Euros. Upon receipt of your order and payment, you will receive your order confirmation by email. 

Booking confirmation will be sent 10 days before the event and final entrance passes need to be collected at the registration counters at the venue. 

Last minute bookings will be allowed online on our website. Refund requests must be submitted before 10 October 2023. A paid entrance pass cannot be refunded after this date. Refunds will be reimbursed after the Conference ONLY.

The Union will use the personal data collected from this form only in direct relation to your attendance at the WCLH 2023 in Paris, France. For example, your personal data will be necessary for you to be able to access programme updates on the mobile app, receive information regarding registration/ entry passes/ guidance.  

In line with The Union’s Privacy Policy and in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679, you can exercise your personal data rights at any time by emailing

When attending this event, if you meet or exchange messages with one exhibitor, your full contact information (title, name, last name, email, phone number, city, country, organization, department, function) will be shared with this exhibitor so that they can engage with you, both during and after the event.  

If you attend a sponsored session, in person or online, and opt into sharing your data, you accept that your full contact details (as detailed above) will be shared directly with the sponsor and/or exhibitor so that they may follow-up in line with your indication of interest in their products.

Please click the link to find more on how you can access the Palais des Congrès de Paris. 

Delegates with valid/paid registrations will receive an email with a barcode or QR code a few days prior to the Conference. Once onsite please present your code at the self-scanning kiosks to print the badge. 

Delegates with unpaid registrations can go to the dedicated counter where they can pay the Conference fee. Once the fee is charged and validated, our staff will print the badge. 

If you lose your badge while attending the Conference, please inform the registration staff immediately. You will need to prove your identity to receive a replacement badge.  The charge to reprint a lost badge is €100 

Please follow our announcements on social media and on the website.

If you have further registration queries, please contact: